Visual Arts Gallery, New York, 2004 & 2006

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An alphabet is a group of signs. An agreement for us to communicate.


The idea comes from the memories of my childhood, which rewinds my life-video back to the days when I was 12.

I was raised in New York, and moved back to South Korea where the tools for communication became images and sounds to me at that time. The sounds of the Korean language did not match the written forms that I knew.  Thus, communication began to blur…

Uni-verse is an Installation that investigates to explore, the connection of the visual, and the phonetic system of two different languages. The Korean and the English. The target is focused on Korean Americans, or foreigners who are interested in learning the Korean alphabet. Experimenting, with the proportions and the character of the two alphabets.

The Konglish typeface is an intersection between the visual form of language, and the sound of the verbal content. Each letter is unified with two different letterforms, which creates the same phonetic sound. The intension of the design is to explore if there is a unified approach to account for all of these semiotic phenomena.

‘Semiotics’ is the philosophical basis of my artwork. Addressing, ideas of signs, icons and indexical. I have used the semiotics analysis to develop below the surface of text. Covering the history of pictographs, ideographs, rebuses, and phonograms. It relates to emoticons, and punctuation symbols to express sentiment, which is a great use in our modern telecommunication.

The installation grabs the database from the web by playing a string quartet depending on what character it is displaying. Each character has a sound as it has its’ name. The colours shift as the web cam captures the movement of the users in the gallery navigating through the web.

(Computer Programming with MAX/MSP/JITTER, JAVA, Macromedia Director, and Flash.)

Processed at: MFA Computer Art, School of Visual Arts, NYC

-YeonJung Kim


Edition over Original’ Exhibition:

Sep1-28 2012 Bankasiana Art Space, NJ USA.


What do you want the most right this moment?

If you achieve this goal today, will there be another one tomorrow?

These are a series of questions I’ve been asking myself daily.

Believing in where my passion leads me to, I am answering to those questions

using the connotation of type, and metaphors to create a puzzle for the viewers to solve.

Will your endless thoughts and dreams burst the glove, or will it shrink?

Will you be able break out the boundaries that society has framed?

It is a decision you make.

The greatest victory is to over self.

-YeonJung Kim . 2012


INDEX Award 2007 Exhibitions:

-At Copenhagen, Denmark

– Highlights from the INDEX: AWARD EXHIBITION 2007 as part of

   the Melbourne International Design Festival (MIDF)-Australia


Coincidents Exhibitions:

Opera performance with Mary Griffin and Guggenheim fellowship artist Leroy Jenkins

Participated for Interactive Multimedia and Video Art.

Interactive Presentation at Harvestworks, NY,NY 2005

-‘Roulette’  Soho ‘Location 1’ Gallery,  NY,NY 2007

– VISIONS Festival –  ‘Listening to Leroy’ film screening at the Pioneer Theatre, New York  06/2007

– at the ‘Kitchen’ Gallery, New York July 2003